Termite Baiting with Exterra

Urban Pest Management have had a 100% success rate controlling termites whilst using the Exterra Termite Baiting System.

The use of baits to control termites is extremely successful provided the site is installed correctly and monitored throughout the duration of the program

Termite colony elimination is the priority for Urban Pest Management and Exterra. However, an important added bonus is that there is no need to spray hundreds of litres of toxic liquid pesticides around the home. The non-toxic insect growth regulator bait used in the Exterra Bait stations is contained within secured recepticles. This bait, "Requiem" kills termites by disturbing their moulting process.

They are monitored regularly by our highly trained licensed technicians at regular set intervals and the decline of the termite colony is recorded throughout the process. Particular criteria must be attained during the program which allows the technician determine when complete control is achieved.

Typically a Baiting Program using Exterra involves an initial Standard Visual Termite Inspection of your property. A detail Report is provided after a thorough examination of the roof, interior, exterior, sub-floor, garage and grounds occurs. The inspection allows us to determine the extent of the infestation and will aid the technician in evaluating the correct placement of stations. Correct placement is critical and allows for a prompt result.

Above ground stations enable the technician to directly bait any termite infested area. These are removed after control is achieved.

Concrete core cap stations are unobtrusive and are frequently attacked by termites due to their moisture retention and the stability provided by the paths or pavers.

In-Ground stations are another effective measure in attracting termites. These stations can be mowed over as they have a low profile and are unobtrusive.

Active termites can devour the white colour Requiem bait from a station in only 3 weeks. Feeding upon the bain is continual up to the colonies demise.

Thorough inspection is essential

For a more detailed explanation of the Exterra Program visit the Exterra web site.