Strata Management

Pest control, while it may seem a small thing, can actually become a major problem if left unchecked. Many schemes make the mistake of not doing an annual pest report (due to the cost) and then, a few years down the track, find the entire complex riddled with termites or similar. When this occurs, the pest problem has progressed from being a simple preventative maintenance issue to a major works issue due to the amount of repair and rectification work that must be done.

This is just another simple example of false economy exercised by a well-meaning but misguided executive committee wanting to save a few dollars each year - but with it ending up costing everyone a whole lot more in the long run.

To avoid this sort of thing happening at your scheme (especially if the scheme is on the 'older' side):

  • Keep up the regular pest inspections
  • Always use a licensed, qualified pest technician
  • Listen to the advice given by these specialists - especially if you are advised that the building is conducive to termite infestation
  • Make sure you take any recommended necessary preventative actions