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Are you finding Ants in your home or business? It's hard to figure out where the Ants are coming from and if the nest is inside or outside of your premise. That's were Urban Pest Management comes in, we provide the highest quality ant control services across Sydney. Ants are masterminds when it comes to getting into your home or business. They multiply and spread quickly setting up multiple nests in a small area. This makes them extremely difficult to get rid of them. Our Sydney pest control team will move fast and effectively to stop your Ant problem at the source using a safe and effective pest control solution so you relax knowing those pesky Ants have been stopped in their tracks.

You Can Trust Urban Pest Management 

With more than 20 years of experience, the Urban Pest Management team has become one of the most trusted Sydney sources for pest control management solutions. When it comes to Ants we are extremely diligent and through in not only exterminating these pests but preventing them from coming back again!

Our Control Methods

Urban Pest Management understands that Ant control relies on the location and direct treatment of nesting sites and travelling routes. Direct treatment of these areas are conducted with an insecticidal dust, residual surface treatment, space spray treatment, and the application of granular bait. These are all non chemical treatments as chemical treatments are not effective with these ants due to their habit of nesting beneath paths and concrete slabs where such treatments cannot penetrate. 

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How To Identify Ants

Black Ant

Black Ants often become established in roof voids, beneath insulation, in wall voids and beneath houses. One particular species of Black ant will nest in behind light switches and power points causing them to corrode and become inoperable due to the chemical substance exuded from their bodies. A rancid smell is often present when these ants are nesting within a structure.

  • Black in colour

  • Shiny exoskeleton

  • 3 mm - 7 mm

  • No Obvious Eyes

Coastal Brown Ant

Coastal Brown Ants are often detected travelling in convoy within crevices, behind skirting's, beneath carpets and around paths. This species also prefers to feed on dead insects, meat and pet food. Coastal Brown Ants will excavate soil and sand from beneath paths and pavements causing them to subside.

  • Golden brown to brown in colour

  • 1.5 mm - 2.5 mm

  • Large head

  • Two raised nodes on pedicel

  • Visible spines on the thorax

We Help Inspect & Treat Commercial Businesses For Ants Too

We are certified and qualified to remove all inspect & remove all types of Ants in many businesses - take a look below.





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