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Birds particularly the introduced pest species, can be undesirable in various situations. Urban Pest Management are often called upon to remove or eliminate pest birds from domestic roofs, factories and warehouses. We approach all bird control with extreme sensitivity, taking care to not harm any Native Species.

Frequently Encountered Bird Problems

Birds frequently enter roof voids through broken tiles and poorly constructed roofs. Bird droppings can deface buildings and can contaminate food, particularly if pigeons are involved. Not only are birds pests themselves but they are a host to bird lice and mites, these parasites later become occasional pests of humans causing much irritation. Bird droppings house fungal diseases that produce symptoms in humans similar to influenza - again pigeons being the main offender. "Salmonella" is a food poisoning bacterium which can be contracted by people from bird droppings. Introduced species of birds often displace native Australian birds. 

Bird Control Methods

Urban Pest Management has a variety of bird control products at our disposal. These include; trapping - this technique we use to control pigeons. It allows us to catch large numbers of pigeons reasonably quickly. Trapped birds and then humanely destroyed. Poisoning - this can be used if all other avenues fail. Some poisons can kill the birds while others cause them to go to sleep after which the birds are collected and gassed with carbon dioxide. Bird Wire Netting & Spikes - These can be used to prevent birds from settling on ledges and buildings very successfully. Call Urban Pest Management today to discuss which application would best suits your needs.

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Nests consist of grass and fibre packed in tightly which may become a fire hazardHow To Identify Troublesome Birds



  • Various tones of grey

  • Build nest of twigs

  • will roost on ledges and will nest beneath any sheltered area

  • will deface building and walkways with their droppings

  • Carriers of disease


Indian Myna

  • Black, brown and white

  • Yellow beak and legs

  • Nests in roof cavities and palm trees

  • Nests contain leaf litter, twigs, chip packets and other rubbish

  • Will return to the same nesting site year after year

  • Large populations of bird lice and mite contained in nesting material whilst young birds are present


European Starling


  • Dark brown to black with greenish sheen

  • Nest in roof cavities

  • Main culprit for bird lice outbreaks


English Sparrow


  • Male is grey and brown with a dark throat

  • Female is grey and brown with no dark throat

  • Constructs large nests in ceilings and under eaves

  • Bird lice and mite hosts

  • Nests consist of grass and fibre packed in tightly which may become a fire hazard

  • Will squeeze into tight openings such as those found beneath the ridge of roof tiles




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