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Fleas and ticks are known to carry and transmit diseases. They are transferring these diseases quickly by biting animals and people. Humans contract fleas and ticks when they get close to them. If your dog or cat constantly walks in and out of your house you are at risk of fleas and ticks. You must check your pets for fleas and ticks as they can lay dormant in carpet and grass for a long period of time. You can tell your pet has flee's as he is noticeably irritable and scratches a lot around the neck and belly.  



It's important when treating your pet for fleas and ticks to only use VET approved products designed specifically for animals.



Ticks & Fleas Spread Diseases

Ticks are getting more and more dangerous with Limes Disease being contracted from numerous people from tick bites. This is an infection caused by bacteria of the Borrelia type which causes acute motor neuron disease. You must act fast and visit your doctor or hospital to receive treatment via antibiotics to avoid serious damage.




Our Control Methods

Urban Pest Management has a variety of control measures available at our disposal. Our treatment options are a surface treatment for lawns and soil beneath the house, surface treatment to internal flooring, carpet treatment by dusting with insecticidal powder.

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How To Identify Fleas & Ticks


Fleas often infest lawns, particularly if pets have access to the area beneath houses or sheds. Large populations of fleas often discovered after occupying a vacant property, due to their ability to lie dormant until optimal conditions occur. Fleas are known to transmit diseases including plague, endemic typhus and intestinal worm parasites.

  • 1.5 mm - 4 mm long

  • Brownish in colour

  • Literally compressed body

  • Fast moving


Ticks infest lawns, tall grass, and bush like areas. Pets are inquisitive in their nature and often stray into long grass and bushes which have high tick presence. Make sure you check your pets regularly for ticks and be careful when removing them so the head doesn't remain attached. If you have spotted a tick on your pet make sure to remove it and keep an eye on them, if they show signs of sickness then take them to the vet immediately. 

  • Brown to grey in colour

  • Sac-like body

  • 3 mm - 30 mm long

  • Head and thorax closely fused

  • Re-curved teeth to help anchor to the host


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