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3 Big issues with DIY Possum Trapping

Protected Species

Possums are difficult ones as they are a protected species as its indigenous to Australia. If your trapping a possum, please consider the following considerations when DIY trapping;

  • $6000 Fine if caught baiting possums

  • You can only legally trap them inside your home

  • Must be released 50m from your home where trapped

  • They can re-enter your roof through a hole the size of a tennis ball

Trapping Equipment

Trapping possums in your home is time consuming, not guaranteed, and can be expensive. Some local councils will provide traps when trying to remove protected species like possums otherwise you will have to purchase them yourself.

Trapping is an art and its success comes down too many variables such as the specific traps used, different types of bait, & where the trap is placed in your home for maximum rodent activity and traffic.

That’s why people turn to their pest control experts as they know what they’re doing and normally more affordable than doing it yourself. After all you wouldn't want to end up laying a trap for a rat and killing a pet or protected species.

No Guarantee

The main problem with DIY trapping for Possums is there is no guarantee that they're gone for good and wont return tomorrow. That’s why It’s always good to contact your local pest control expert and discuss the scenario with them first. That way you get a quote and compare the two options for yourself.

If you're having problems with Rodents or Possums and need Urban Pest Management to come for an inspection then - click here.

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