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5 Tips To Avoid Pests Infesting Your Home While You’re On Holidays

The July School Holidays are a popular time for Australian families to get away, whether it is for a quick weekend escape or a few weeks holiday.

So what is stopping pests moving in while you’re enjoying a well-deserved break?

Here are some important tips to follow to ensure your home is protected from pests these holidays:

1. Clean, clean, clean! Make sure all food and drinks are sealed in air-tight containers. Any dirty dishes should be cleaned and put away and crumbs wiped off benches. Make sure to eat all fresh fruit before leaving and discard any left overs to avoid attracting fruit flies. Also vacuum all floor surfaces to clean up any crumbs.

2. Empty all bins inside and outside the house to avoid attracting pests. Food scraps left in bins can attract ants, cockroaches and fruit flies.

3. To avoid mosquitoes, flies and their larvae, make sure dog faeces and cat litter trays are emptied. Also ensure pet food bowls are clean and do not overload bowls with food, as this can attract flies. Check pets for fleas and ticks before departing and if any found, treat immediately.

4. Mowing your lawn before departure is important as long grass can attract rodents and fleas. Clearing tree branches and foliage from the house external or roof is also recommended to stop ants, possums or rodents from gaining access to the house. Ensure water sources such as taps are turned off as damp, moist areas can attract ants, mosquitoes and termites.

5. Bed Bugs are most commonly found in accommodation, and can spread quickly if not controlled. When you return from your holiday, take precaution and don’t place your luggage on the bed or couch. Instead, unpack your suitcase in laundry or kitchen and store in a non-living space such as an attic or garage. We also recommend to immediately washing all clothes on a hot wash before putting them back into the closet.

If you think you may have bed bugs or problems with any pests, please contact us or call us on 1300 652 855.

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