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Australia's Most Dangerous Spiders

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Australia is home to some of the world's most dangerous species of spiders. While most are harmless, some spiders such as the redback spider and funnel-webs can cause painful bites and can be potentially fatal. This is why it is important to ensure your home is properly protected with adequate pest control to keep your family safe.

Some Facts

  • Australia is home to approximately 2 000 species of spiders

  • Less than 50 of these species are harmful to humans

  • Approximately 2 000 people are bitten by redback spiders each year

  • There have been no confirmed deaths in Australia from spider bites since 1979.

A Few of the Most Dangerous Spiders in Australia

The Sydney Funnel-Web

According to the Australian Museum, the Sydney Funnel-Web is one of the world's most

dangerous spiders. There have only been 13 recorded deaths, but up to 30-40 people are bitten each year.

They produce a highly toxic venom which the spider injects using large fangs. These fangs are larger than those of a snake. Although they are mostly found in bush/vegetation areas of New South Wales, they can be found in urban areas and are often found around swimming pools.

The Redback Spider

There are around 2000 reported spider bites from redback's each year. They are found Australia wide, particularly in residential areas, hidden in mailboxes or shelters.

Redback's bodies are similar size to a pea, with long legs. Females have a stark orange to red stripe stretching vertically on the abdomen. Males markings are less distinct.

Consult An Expert

While it easy to avoid addressing the issue, it is important to ensure your home is properly protected.

Calling a professional pest control expert can help prevent any problems arising and can put your mind at ease by knowing you're safe and protected.

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