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Australia's Termite epidemic costs $1.3 Billion each year!

CSIRO has reported that a little over 30% of Australian homes had a termite presence.

That's crazy!

That means 1 in 3 home owners reading this will leave their greatest asset at risk of termite damage. This is a sad reality for home owners who have spent a great deal of money purchasing their property.

Click here to read: Why termites are attracted to Sydney homes.

The majority of Australian homes are also within 30 meters of termite colonies and although our homes are not termites #1 choice of food - they are sometimes the only option for a meal. Termites especially the winged species are constantly on the lookout for new places to colonize and lay down their roots which means today you will have 1 termite and the next 1000.

Termites act fast - so you have to act even faster. Don't know if your home has a termite infestation or not? Read our recent article about 3 signs you've got a termite infestation.

If you think you've got a termite infestation and don't want to be out of pocket THOUSANDS then give Urban Pest Management a call on 1300 652 855.

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