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How to Keep Fleas Out of Your Home

We all love our furry friends, however they can bring unwanted pests in to our homes. If you have a cat or dog, its likely you have experienced a flea infestation at some point. The itchy, red bites aren't the only problem with fleas. They can also carry tapeworm and could cause anemia and low iron levels in your pets. This is because fleas eat 15 times their body weight in blood. So how can you avoid an infestation and how do you get rid of them? Read our article to find out.

Check Your Pet for Fleas

The easiest way to avoid a flea infestation is to protect your pet from fleas. You may already suspect your pet has fleas. The most evident sign is a consistent biting or scratching of their skin. Further, you may also find 'flea dirt' on their fur, which is a dark red excrement. Fleas usually hide in clumps of hair or on the inside of your pets legs. If you find evidence of fleas, treat your pet with medication which can be purchased from a pet store or vet.

How to Keep Fleas Away

Fleas are popular around the summer months. Here are some handy tips you can follow to keep fleas out of your home:

  • Treat your pets regularly with flea medication

  • Keep grass cut short, as fleas like tall grass

  • Vacuum carpets and floors regularly

  • Wash pets with flea treatment/shampoo

  • Mop with hot water and tea tree oil

What Do I Do if I Have Fleas?

A flea infestation is never a fun time. However, by following these simple steps, you will rid your home of fleas in no time.

  1. Call Urban Pest Management to book in for a comprehensive flea treatment.

  2. Vacuum the whole house thoroughly before the treatment. This will ensure the vast majority of fleas are removed before the spray. If you are an exiting tenant, have carpet cleaning completed before the treatment.

  3. Mow the lawn. Having short cut grass reduces harbourage areas for fleas. Larvae live outdoors and jump on to your pet.

  4. Thoroughly wash all bed sheets, pet beds and other materials your pet has come into contact with.

  5. Treat your pet with flea medication.

Don't just put up with the pests, contact Urban Pest Management now on 1300 652 855 to get your pest problems under control.

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