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Spring Has Sprung! Prepare your Home for Spring Pests

As we say goodbye to the winter months and enter the warmer weather, we are often faced with an influx of pests and bugs entering our home. To avoid this frustration and discomfort, check out our top tips on how to prepare your home for spring pests.

Clean your gutters and drains

A build-up of leaves and other vegetation in gutters and drains can be a way of inviting pests into your home. They are one of the main entry points for cockroaches, rodents and possums. These pests can carry various diseases and contaminate your home with faeces and rotten odours. To avoid this, be sure to clean your gutters and drains of leaves and vegetation on a regular basis.

Clear the garden

Overgrown weeds and shrubs can increase the likelihood of insects residing in your grass. Insects are more likely to rest in grass resting against the exterior of your home, ultimately inviting them inside. Keeping grass and shrubs trimmed back can reduce the chance of having insects entering your home.

Overhanging trees and tall shrubs, especially those in contact with your home, should also be pruned as possums and rodents can use these as a way of accessing your house or roof.

Clean, clean, clean

Always ensure table tops are wiped down from crumbs, food is stored in air-tight containers and floors are swept regularly. Make sure lids to your garbage bins are tightly sealed and regularly disposed of to avoid a build-up of waste.

Seal holes and gaps

Inspect your home, particularly around entry points such as windows and doors, for any cracks, crevices and gaps. Ensure all openings are sealed to avoid ants and cockroaches sneaking in. Rodents and mice can fit through a gap as small as a 20 cent piece, so ensure even the smallest of gaps are filled.

To avoid spiders entering your home, install a door sweep on doors with direct access to the outside.

Book a Pest Treatment with Urban Pest Management

This is the best way to avoid unwanted pests entering your home. This acts as a barrier around your home to safeguard it from pests. Call us on 1300 652 855 to book a pest spray and enjoy your spring pest free!

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