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What to Expect From Your Cockroach Treatment

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Congratulations! You have booked in to have your property treated for cockroaches. This is the first step in ensuring you are protected from an infestation. So you might be wondering what to expect from the treatment? Read our article to find out what to be prepared for and some helpful tips going forward.

Large/American Cockroaches

Large/American cockroaches are a major pest in Sydney’s metropolitan. Luckily, if treated effectively, they will no longer cause you problems. Large cockroaches prefer to live in roof and wall voids. You may commonly find them in retaining walls and other external crevices.

The Treatment

A technician will spray all accessible areas inside and outside the property. They generally focus the spray around the perimeter of each room, any cracks and crevices, entry points and drains. The technician will also spray the front and back garden, fences and pipes. There is no need to move furniture or remove food from cupboards. However, we do recommend that the property be as tidy as possible to ensure the technician can access all areas.

It is important to note a cockroach treatment can take up to 8 weeks to be effective. This is because the cockroaches must ‘groom’ themselves in order to come in to contact with the chemical.

More severe infestations may need a secondary treatment. If you have issues with smaller, German cockroaches, it is likely you will need a top up treatment 6-8 week’s post initial treatment. This is because they are an introduced species with high levels of breading.

Tips of advice

As cockroaches like to live in cracks and crevices, physical changes to the properties structure can compliment the spray. Here are some of our tips to help ensure your property remains cockroach free:

  • Filing holes or sealing entry points

  • Eliminate any uneaten or spilt pet food. Cockroaches become familiar with pet feeding times and thrive on pet food

  • Do not stack items such as boxes, bricks, pavers etc directly against external walls of house. These items provide ideal harbourage areas for cockroaches

  • Repair any leaky plumping as cockroaches like moist areas and water sources

  • Store food in sealed containers, not open bags

  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces regularly

  • Have a chat to your neighbours to see if they too are experiencing cockroaches. Simultaneous treatment of adjoining properties will ensure a better result.

If you have any questions, contact Urban Pest Management now on 1300 652 855.

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