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Urban Pest Management offers the very best and comprehensive range of rat and rodent control in Sydney. These types of rodents are known to occupy homes and businesses in search of food and shelter. They are disease carriers and not known to be dangerous if you are unfortunate enough to come into contact with them. Urban Pest Management knows how important it is to keep your business and home rodent free. Call us today for an inspection of your home or place of businesses for a report.


Our Control Methods


Urban Pest Management has a variety of control measures available at our disposal. For rodent control we use baiting as its very effective as rats don't tend to be suspicious of new food, sticky boards to enable numerous rats or mice to trapped at once, live trapping for native rodents / clients who don't want to wish harm to their guest, and live trapping is useful where inaccessible dead rats cannot be tolerated or for cleaning up "bait shy" individuals after a baiting program.

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How To Identify Rats & Mice

Roof Rats

Roof Rats mainly nest in walls and roof spaces. They are responsible for gnawing on doors, skirtings, books, packaging, and machinery. They sometimes chew wires and cables which cause "short circuiting" which can start fires. Signs of a roof rat infestation include bumping, squeaking, and gnawing during the evening. ​​

  • Slender species with long ears

  • 350 mm - 450 mm long

  • The tail is longer than the head and body

  • Larger prominent eyes

Norway Rat

Generally a ground dweller, which is common in city drains, warehouses and deserted buildings - these Norway Rats are creatures of habit and will establish quite rigid travelling routes. They are known to attack poultry and can cause damage in supermarkets and grain storage facilities. They breed regularly and can have 7 litters a year with up to 12 rats per litter!

  • Large, heavy bodied with short ears

  • 325 mm - 460 mm long

  • The tail is usually shorter than the head and body

  • Small eyes

House Mouse

House Mice lives booth inside and outdoors while favours houses during the cooler months of the year. They typically nest in walls, cupboards, roof voids, behind kitchen kick boards and in furniture. They are known to have up to 10 litters per year with 6 young each time! You can look for signs around the house to pick up on these small intruders like chewed food packaging especially chocolates. They are known for significant damage and loses to farms and other buildings when they reach plague proportions.

  • Small and slender

  • 65 mm - 95 mm long

  • Tail length as long as the body


Rabbits are still a serious problem in the suburbs surrounding the Sydney Metro area. Their habit of burrowing and tunneling often caused soil to collapse causing injury to people and damage to machinery. Rabbits are responsible for soil erosion and are frowned upon by the home owner trying to establish a garden.

  • Grey to brown colouring

  • 1.2 kg - 2.5 kg 

  • Long ears

  • Pale belly


Possums often enter roof voids when their natural nesting sites have been removed, mainly through broken tiles, damaged eaves, displaced ridge capping's, and chimneys too. They are known to urinate and defecate on ceiling plaster causing stains and foul smelling odours. Just like the young neighbours next door they are very active and noisy at night!

  • Rabbit-sized marsupial

  • Varies in colour from silver-grey to black and off-white to red/brown below.

  • Bushy tail with a naked area below the tip

  • Possums often enter roof voids when their natural nesting sites have been removed, mainly through broken tiles, damaged eaves and displaced ridge capping

  • Chimneys are also a favoured sheltering site

  • Possums often urinate and defecate on ceiling plaster, causing stains and odours

  • Very noisy at night

We Help Inspect & Treat Commercial Businesses For Rats & Rodents Too

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