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Spiders come in various shapes and sizes and utilise a range of habitats from spinning webs between trees, hiding in the ground, or roaming around your own home. Its this versatility which makes them so hard to spot and remove with your own devices. Spiders are dangerous, especially in Sydney Australia which is home to over 2,400 species of spiders - 50 of which are harmful to humans. 

Unless you discover poisonous spiders in your home, these creepy crawlers aren’t necessarily dangerous. However, it can certainly be disconcerting and unpleasant to wake up covered in spider bites. If you can’t seem to find the spider, but keep spotting webs around your home, ask our pest control experts to provide you with a solution today.

Now if you've discovered one of the non dangerous 2,350 species of spiders in your home its not necessarily bad news. However its still worrying to wake up in spider bites. If you think you've spotted a spider infestation call the Urban Pest Management team and we can tell you if it's something or nothing to worry about. If it is something to worry about our Sydney pest control team will can provide an upfront inspection of your home and report back to you on the extent of the infestation, if there is any damage present, and the most effective solution to exterminate the spiders.

Spiders Can Seriously Hurt or Even Kill

It's a well-known fact that Australia is home to some of the most dangerous types of spiders in the world. Now most spider bites, even the most poisonous bites can be treated and controlled if you get yourself to a hospital quickly - as an adult. Adults are aware of the dangers and can act quickly when bitten however small children and pets can not and due to their small size the poison is much deadlier and acts faster.

Protect your family from Australia's deadliest spiders this summer by contacting Urban Pest Management. We can quickly identify potential spider hot spots and completely remove the threat around your home or business. Not only will we remove the threat but we will provide preventive measures so these deadly spiders won't be a threat to your family

Our Control Methods

Urban Pest Management will not "blanket spray" entire garden areas in an attempt to control the spider infestation. Treatments such as those merely aggravate other ground dwelling spiders often mobilizing them towards the house. Non-target species of insects can also be destroyed in this manner. Any control measures require our trained technicians to search through the garden and apply treatment to each Funnel web nesting site located.

Our office provides free quotations for treatment tailored to suit your budget.


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How To Identify Spiders In Your Home or Business

Sydney Funnel Web Spider

The Sydney Funnel Web Spider is one of the most infamous names around Sydney. Similar to the Trapdoor Spider in how it prefers holes in the ground it prefers the climate to be moist and dark. Easily identifiable by the long silken tube through leaf litter or in the ground. Sydney Funnel Web Spiders are most active during the late summer and autumn. If you see one of these spiders contact Urban Pest Management right away as they are extremely aggressive and extremely toxic! 

  • Shiny cephalothorax

  • Long spinnerets

  • male has spur on second pair of legs

  • Female 30 mm

  • Male 25 mm

  • Black in colour


Red Back Spider

Red Back Spiders construct loose webs in rubbish, beneath the rims of potted plants, and in ventilation slits around lower perimeter of brick homes. These are some of Australia's neigh, the worlds most toxic and deadly spiders. Red Back Spiders are well established in the suburbs of Western Sydney where the majority of houses are built on concrete slabs as the Red Back Spider dwells in the lower ventilation slits or brick veneer homes. 

  • Long tapering legs and large round abdomen

  • Black in colour and usually has a red stripe on dorsal surface, however this can be missing on some

  • Female 12-15 mm

  • Male 4 mm

Trap Door Spider

Trap Door Spiders loves dry situations in exposed areas and is commonly found in holes in the ground. Being true to its name Trap Door Spider this creepy crawly usually covers its hole with leaves or litter. Often confused for the Funnel Web Spider particularly when wet as their body becomes darkened. Even though its non toxic, their bites are extremely painful - watch out!

  • Dull cephalothorax

  • Short spinnerets

  • Boxing glove shaped palps

  • Female 30 mm

  • Male 25 mm

  • Brown to dark brown in colour


Wolf Spider

Wolf Spiders are known to carry their young on their back. Wolf Spiders love to find nesting holes in the ground and also cracks that develop in lawns during dry weather. Although not considered highly toxic, their bite can be quite painful.

  • Large eyes

  • Female 25 mm

  • Male 20 mm

  • Mottled grey and brown in colour


White Tailed Spider

White Tailed Spiders are often found under bark of trees and commonly discovered crawling on walls inside houses. White Tailed Spiders bite is quite dangerous in some individuals and can cause local pain and sever blistering. In some cases it is known to cause tissue necrosis!

  • Cigar-shaped body

  • Oval shaped cephalothorax

  • Female 15 mm

  • Male 8 mm

  • Adults are grey to black with a white tip on the end of abdomen

  • Young White tailed spiders have white bands across their legs


Black House Spider

Black House Spiders construct a dense web with a tunnel in the centre. They are most found in sheds, window frames, wall cavities and metal fences. Black House spiders enjoy the company of their own kind and it isn't uncommon to find them in close proximity to each other. They tend to be aggressive during warm weather, which is worrying this summer as their bite can be extremely painful and cause nausea and sweating. 

  • Large abdomen

  • Female 18 mm

  • Male 10 mm

  • Dark brown to black in colour

Huntsman Spider

Huntsman Spiders live under the bark of trees and they enter houses during warm or moist evenings. Normally not aggressive and definitely not toxic, these spiders can still can still leave a painful and large bite as they have large fangs. You should consider yourself lucky if found in your household as they consume a large number of insects.

  • First two pairs of legs are longer than the rear two

  • Body is flattened and hairy

  • Often incorrectly called the "Tarantula"

  • Female 40 mm

  • Male 25 mm

  • Grey to brown in colour

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