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If you can see one termite that’s a good sign that’s there is normally a lot more hiding in your home. Termites are known to come in swarms and you can tell that they are close by as they will leave their wings behind.


It's hard to know exactly where they are coming from but there are a few tell-tale signs. If you think you've spotted some wings call the Urban Pest Management team and we can tell you if it's something or nothing to worry about. If it is something to worry about our Sydney pest control team will provide an upfront inspection of your home and report back to you on the extent of the infestation, if there is any damage present, and the most effective solution to exterminate the termites.



Termites Can Cost You Thousands If Not Identified 


It's a well-known fact that termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes and properties across Sydney every year. Urban Pest Management can start an aggressive and fast acting treatment that storms termites quickly. Then we show you how to employ the best methods to keep your home or business safe from termites in the future.


Termites play an important role in the breakdown and recycling of dead wood and other plant debris. Of the 300 species found throughout Australia, only about 20 cause damage of economic significance to timber in service. The destructive potential of each species varies. Identification is essential as some species belonging to the dampwood group of termites. Generally, these will not attack dry seasoned timber and therefore no treatment will be necessary.


Our Control Methods


Urban Pest Management has a variety of control measures available at our disposal. Particular treatments can only be applied in certain situations due to construction methods used. Each structure is different. A complete Visual Termite Inspection is vital in determining what treatment method best suits your situation.

Our office provides free quotations for treatment tailored to suit your budget and construction type.



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How To Identify Termites

Worker Termite

  • Beadlike Antennae

  • No Obvious Eyes

  • No constriction between the thorax and the abdomen

  • This pest is responsible for attacking timber

Winged Termite

  • Beadlike Antennae

  • No obvious eyes

  • No constriction between the thorax and the abdomen

  • This pest is responsible for attacking timber

We Help Inspect & Treat Commercial Businesses For Termites Too

We are certified and qualified to remove all inspect & remove all types of Termites in many businesses - take a look below.





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